From Farm Fresh Vintage Franklin to The Blue Cardinal

From Farm Fresh Vintage Franklin to The Blue Cardinal

The Blue Cardinal Boutique Franklin TN storefront view

Why Did We Change the Name from Farm Fresh Vintage Franklin to The Blue Cardinal?

This is a question I get on a daily basis from my customers. And I totally knew I would. While brand confusion isn't a good thing, rebranding is sometimes even harder to do

But I promise, there was a lot of thought and prayer put into rebranding our shop.

A Little Background

I purchased the Farm Fresh Vintage Franklin shop in February of 2020 from the original owner. This was her second location, the original shop is called Farm Fresh Vintage Finds and Creamery located in Fairview, TN.

Of course, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world quit spinning in the Spring - just a short 5 weeks after I purchased the store.

Like most small businesses, we had to get our product online line really quickly while the store was mandated to be closed. It became obvious that there was confusion for our customers between my location and the original shop in Fairview, TN.

Brand confusion is never a good thing, and both shops (this one and the original Farm Fresh Vintage Finds & Creamery in Fairview) want to make your customer experience as great as possible. Being separately owned and operated. 

The Blue Cardinal Franklin TN shop logo sign

I'm in awe of everything the first owner, Beth, built. I honor her hard work getting her Franklin shop to where I could purchase it. She and I are good friends. We work really well together, and I because I respect her, she and I had dinner one evening and discussed the name change before I ever did it.

She's really happy for us and the Fairview shop is doing wonderfully! 

In fact, this photo was taken on my first day as the business owner (I'm on the left :)

shop owners

And now, it's time to put our own personal signature on the shop. We're looking forward to seeing where we go in the years to come - and of course we couldn't do it without you!

♥ Molly

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