"Time Is Precious" New Year Retail Display

"Time Is Precious" New Year Retail Display

Cheers to a New Year!

Large vintage wall clock as retail display idea


We’ve all learned this year, time is precious and things can change in the blink of an eye. For our “New Year” display, I wanted to create a sense of nostalgia & coziness, while featuring all the clocks as a bit of a whimsical reminder of time in general.

2020 was quite a year wasn’t it

I encourage you to look back and find the wins, the good moments, the precious time we actually did get to be home, around immediate family, and to be somewhat forced to slow down.

We’re strong people, we can do this, we’ve proven that. And even when we’re at our weakest, my faith teaches me that the Lord is our strength. We’re going make it folks, we’re going to be okay.

Here’s to the last day of 2020 and prayers, hope, and good attitudes to 2021!

How We Set Up Our "Time is Precious" Retail Display

For this New Year display, I wanted to convey a sense of coziness and comfort as soon as customers walked in the door. The antique sette belongs to one of my vendors Polly Opal Studios, and the mustard pop of color was just what it needed. And the palette wall was a piece we use often around the shop for display.

We had an oval coffee table that we stained and painted in our General Finishes products that was a great size for the display. Adding vintage books anchored the concept of this space being one that you wanted to sit down, cuddle up on the sette, and relax with a good book. 

Small clocks & antique books as retail displays

Finally, we wanted to play up the concept of time, so we gathered an eclectic collection of small clocks from estate sales and added them throughout. 

♥ Molly

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