Natural Mesh Cotton Shopping Bag, Short Handle, Natural

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One of the first zero-waste swaps we did as a family was to change to reusable shopping bags for all our food shopping, instead of using single-use ones provided at markets or stores. It is such an easy change to a common routine, but what a difference it makes to the environment! This colourful mesh cotton shopping bag is also perfect for your loose fruit or veg at the supermarket or at your local farmer's market. Size: 30 x 35cm (but it is incredibly stretchy, so it will fit lots of your groceries!) • Super spacey and sturdy • Why not bring it to your local bread shop or the bakery section at your local supermarket, and use it for your bread loaves too? • It is really versatile and can also be used as a beach bag, just put your swimwear and towel in and you are ready for a great day in the sun! • Made of organic cotton • Vegan and cruelty-free • Plastic-free • Reusable and re-washable (washing machine safe) • Long-lasting