Fields of Grace: Sharing Faith from the Horse Farm

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From her horse farm in Nebraska, Cara Whitney - wife of Dan Whitney (aka "Larry the Cable Guy") - shares down-to-earth stories about how ordinary people can share their faith in extraordinary ways.

Introducing "Fields of Grace" – the ideal gift for:

Enthusiasts of Cara's previous literary gem, "Unbridled Faith."

Followers of the hilarious and beloved Larry the Cable Guy.

Those captivated by the allure of the "simpler life" found in the rural heartlands of America.

Spiritual seekers on a quest for a gentle, enlightening journey to connect with God.

Immerse yourself in these endearing and impactful tales that inspire compassion for others while nurturing our own spiritual growth. Across eras, the love of Christ holds the power to transform lives and bring us closer to Him. Discover the grace that abounds in the fields of life through this extraordinary collection.