Biscuit Cutters - Round Set Of 4

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Our set of four round biscuit cutters, are a perfect example of our quality kitchen cooking tools.

Whip up some excellent biscuits for your family and friends with these biscuit cutters.

The set is constructed from a heavy-gauge polished stainless steel that will last for years of use in the kitchen.

Featuring a generous depth for thick holiday biscuits, they have handles that arch high over the cutters, so there's plenty of grip room.

Also great for cutting desserts and hamburgers.

The set includes four different sized cutters for a multitude of uses:

1-1/2-inches in diameter by 3-1/4-inches tall

2-1/4-inches in diameter by 3-1/4-inches tall

2-1/2-inches in diameter by 3-1/4-inches tall

2-3/4-inches in diameter by 3-1/4-inches tall.

Hand washing recommended.